You Can Do Hard Things

by | Jun 23, 2022

1 Year. 52 Weeks. 365 Days. Not that I’m counting. 😉

It’s been a year since my complete achilles rupture while playing pickleball on a super hot summer day. I look back at that day with regret because I didn’t listen to my body. With a history of minor calf tears/injuries and plantar fasciitis, I knew better, but I didn’t listen. I was running late (didn’t stretch), it was super hot and I was dehydrated and exhausted. I thought to myself “I need to get off this court to stretch my foot and calf, but just 4 more points.” My body said “NOPE” and with one small lunge to the right, my achilles gave out and the painful journey to my new normal began.

During the past year I’ve had many regrets thinking about that day. I should have listened to my body and just taken the 5 minute break it was screaming for. I shouldn’t have tried to jump onto the court in the first place without stretching and warming up. It was too hot and I was running late to the courts and I should have just stayed home. I can “should have” all day, but shoulding on myself isn’t going to change what happened a year ago. Lessons learned.

The things I do not regret are leaning into my Alkalign workouts, community and so much more. I had 2 choices after the injury: 1) lay immobile and let the rest of my body waste away (and feel sorry for myself) or 2) keep the rest of my body strong and moving, modify what I need to for the cast/boot/pain along the way and shift mindset for the drastic change in my activity level. I chose the second option and I am so grateful I did.

I took a class with Erin the day after my injury. 100% of everything taught in an Alkalign class can be modified. I wanted to make sure the rest of my body didn’t suffer just because my foot wasn’t working. I also needed the Blue Crew community more than ever for my mental health. My tendon failed me, but Alkalign encouraged me to lean into what I still could do and gave me the tools I needed for the mindset shift of “victim to victor.” It hasn’t been easy and I still have some ankle issues, but I’m focusing on what I can do versus what I cannot. As an Alkalign instructor, our amazing clients consistently sent me notes of encouragement and I felt connected even though I’m 2,500 miles away from most of them.

Over the course of the year, the exercises in Alkalign classes would become part of my physical therapy (and vice versa). My regular Alkalign practice prior to my injury helped me progress more quickly.  When I first started PT, my glute strength was so solid that I was able to skip all those core building exercises and start moving right to the work that needed to happen to get my calf strength back. I never stopped teaching Alkalign classes (so grateful for livestream) and six months after the injury I was able to be an on-screen demo again. Even as a demo, I am happy to take a quick stretch or rolling break, or use my props as necessary for my own physical well-being and I encourage you to do the same. A modification is never less than, it’s a different path to the same destination. Pain is NO GAIN and unnecessary.

In honor of my “Achillesversary,” I’d love to gift you all what I’ve learned and how you can incorporate more mobility work into your strength work. I taught a strength/cardio class stack that is available to you for FREE! Click the link below to take the classses and learn more about foot/calf/achilles strength and health. 

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