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21 Days to Better Biking and Running Performance

Whether you are new to biking and running or are a seasoned athlete, this program is for you. In only 21 days, you'll build the functional strength needed to shave time off your mile and minutes off your ascents and just feel better on the road or trail. Generate more power to climb your way up the hill or leaderboard. Build endurance, enjoy faster recovery and learn techniques to help reduce aches and risk of injuries.

21 Days to a Better golf game

Golf is a lifelong sport and our goal in this program is to give you the complementary training needed to keep you playing for years to come. In this program, you will receive daily exercises to help you add yards to your drive, develop a more consistent stroke, and build the mental and physical stamina you need you perform your best out on the course. 

21 Days to a Better Season on the Slopes

Improve your performance on the slopes by focusing on your strength, mobility, and mind-body connection from home. This is “dry land” strength and conditioning for skiers and snowboarders. In just 10-30 minutes per day you can make a huge difference in the way you move, feel, and perform during and after a long day on the mountain. 

ABC: Alkalign Breasts Cancer Program

Have you or someone you know faced a breast cancer diagnosis? It can be a scary, confusing and overwhelming time. Between appointments, surgeries, medications, and treating the disease itself, there isn’t much focus on the physical recovery. 
Safe and healthy movement can help you reduce fatigue, improve your quality of life, build and maintain muscle mass & bone density and help circulation that assists with the healing process. Movement can also help ward off side effects and get you on the road to a healthy and empowered life. 

Align 101 video bundle

A collection of 5 of Alkalign's Align 101 classes. We introduce you to the concepts that make Alkalign uniquely safe and effective. Classes have fewer variations, honed technique, and proper alignment education help you improve your practice, whether you’re new or experienced. Target the glutes, legs, arms and core all in 50 minutes. This bundle includes our tutorial videos as well so you can practice with precision. 


This collection of 4 fun and dynamic high intensity, low impact Cardio30 classes is guaranteed to make you SWEAT!

Cardio Align is all about interval sequencing, proven to increase your heart rate while building strength and endurance—adding up to maximum fitness improvements.

This bundle also includes a few exercise tutorials so you can practice with precision. 

This is a very exciting time filled with lots of emotions and physical changes. Whether you’re a first-time mom-to-be or are pregnancy pro, the months leading up to birth are a wondrous and life-changing experience. We are here to help you feel healthy, strong and supported throughout the process.

Fundamentals of Functional Fitness

The future of fitness is Functional. Learn how to train for life and improve strength, alignment, and stability. This course takes a relevant and accessible approach to teaching you about basic human movement, how to make it better, and why it matters.

Course is approximately 4 hours and length and may be eligible for CEU's (Ex. via a NASM petition). A prerequisite to teaching for Alkalign.

This new, 2-week FREE program is for any and all who want to get off the hamster wheel and try something that 1) works and 2) you will enjoy in the process. No more beating yourself up and spiraling the shame drain thinking you have to do more and be more. The extremes aren’t sustainable. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your body. Slow, steady and sane wins the race of life. And we are here to help you along the way.

If you suffer from "Cranky Knee Syndrome", please know you are not alone. Cranky knees are common because of how much load-bearing they do in our bodies. In this course we will go over some of the most common things that can go wrong and show you how to develop improved strength, alignment and mobility to help preserve your knees. 

Never diet again! Food contributes to how we feel, as does movement, sleep, hydration and connection – with ourselves and each other. It’s the balance of these different dials that make up who we are. Our 21-day Nourish Group Coaching program will give you the guidance to see how these dials impact how your feel, focus, and perform in your life and will give you the tools to make lasting changes for the better.

Email to inquire about health coaching programs.

Got aches, pains or fatigue? It might be your posture that is contributing to those symptoms! In this program, we are going to tackle everyday activities like sitting, sleeping, standing and walking, then apply that awareness to other life activities. While finding time to dedicate to alignment-based exercise is important, this program will focus on the other 96% of life and how you can practice what you learn in everything you do.  This program includes a 1:1 virtual consultation with a postural specialist. 

Increase your mobility and performance. This library of easy-to-follow self-massage sequences taught by Alkalign Founder and CEO, Erin Paruszewski. Enjoy two hours of content broken down into shorter sequences by body part.  Do 1 each day or stack a few for some blissful "me-time."

Travel-Friendly Resistance Band Workouts

Loop and Therabands are an effective and space-efficient way to take your favorite workouts with you on the go. In this mini course, we will teach you how to use these low-cost, portable props in a safe way so that you can optimize your workouts from home or on the road. Whether you use them for specific exercises or longer sequences, we hope you are inspired to infuse a little fun and function into your workout experience!