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Alkalign Cardio + Recharge

Cardio + Recharge Power Hour

Did you know that there are 5 components to fitness? According to the National Association of Sports Medicine, these components are: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility/mobility, and body composition. I know what you are thinking: “I barely have enough time to target one of those! Now you are telling me that I have... Read more »

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School’s out for Alkalign! The Case for Teen Barre Practice

If you’re an Alkalign enthusiast, you already know the benefits of a dedicated alignment-focused barre practice. You are physically and mentally stronger, your posture has improved, you’re more resilient and to top it off you just feel better. Imagine if you had tapped into this as an adolescent. What a head start!   Summer is... Read more »

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Testimonial: Monica Knoblaugh Self-Healing + Autoimmune

My Journey of Self-Healing + Health Awareness   You might know me from how I spend my Saturday mornings: sitting behind the Alkalign front desk in Menlo Park. But you probably wouldn’t recognize the person I was when I came to Alkalign as a new client about two years ago. I had been a gym member,... Read more »

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