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Alkalign Thrives in the Midwest

The Alkalign studio in Ada, Michigan, (near Grand Rapids) has been open for nine months. It’s the first studio outside of California, but owner Elise Fiechtner and her team have proven that Alkalign’s brand of high-quality, effective workouts within a welcoming community resonate as much in the The Mitten as in The Golden State. Here’s... Read more »

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The Life-Changing Magic of Rolling

Rolling. Self-massage. Myofascial release. There are various terms for what we do in our Recharge format: use Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls to release tension from muscles, work out knots or sticky spots and help the body move better.   Recharge is a huge passion of mine. As a Type A+++ person, the ability to... Read more »

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Alkalign Takes Elite Athletes to the Next Level

  Once a week last summer, the Alkalign studio in Irvine was filled with men learning about alignment and body awareness and improving their fitness through Alkalign’s signature functional fitness formats. But these were not regular clients.   Studio owner Kate Biber was working with elite athletes trying out for a Southern California semi-pro soccer... Read more »

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