Vaccines and masks required for indoor classes. CLICK HERE to learn about our COVID-19 safety measures. 

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At Alkalign, we focus on movement patterns, not muscle groups, when exercising to develop a functionally strong body. At its core, exercise is all about movement.

Each Alkalign class is built upon the 7 core functional movements you make in your everyday life (squat, lunge, push, pull, rotate, hinge, gait/walk) so that you can not only burn calories and build core strength, but also increase mobility, which is the key to sustaining your body for a lifetime. Our classes are led by highly-trained instructors and offer an extremely effective full-body workout that will translate to everything you do in life.


Our signature Align classes strengthen, align, and improve balance and flexibility for all fitness levels. Align offers the safest and most effective techniques to improve performance and reduce pain. It’s full body for everybody.
BEST RESULTS: 3-4/week


These high-intensity, non-stop, low-impact classes will boost your metabolism and make you sweat! Cardio is all about interval sequencing  proven to improve your heart health while building strength and endurance and maximizing caloric burn.


Improve mobility and recovery with our self-massage and stretching class. Use massage therapy balls to release tension, increase range of motion and offset wear-and-tear while complementing your strengthening and cardiovascular exercise regimen. BEST RESULTS: 1-2 classes per week
+5 minutes per day on your own.