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Our Client Stories


Loving the livestream

Alkalign has been a very important part of my life for the past two years, so when the Ada location closed due to COVID, I was heartbroken. I loved the workouts more than any I had ever done. I had built so much strength in my time at Alkalign and I was afraid I was going to lose all the hard work I had put into my body. Thanks to the Alkalign Livestream, despite no longer being close to a studio, I take 4-5 classes a week via livestream. I love the accountability and encouragement that Marlene and Moira – my beloved Michigan instructors – give me. I can’t imagine my days without Alkalign, and am so thankful that the livestream makes it possible to keep doing something that I love.


Feeds my body & quiets my mind

I quickly learned that “low impact” doesn’t mean “low challenge.” Alkalign workouts kick my butt! They work every single fiber in my body and awaken my core and muscle groups that I’d unknowingly ignored for decades. I now understand proper alignment and functional movement and have learned how to recover through Recharge (rolling). Beyond all the health benefits, I’ve become part of this uber-supportive, humble, fun, come-as-you-are community.
The movement/practice both feeds my body and quiets my mind. I’ve entered my 60’s with new-found health and gusto, and I credit Alkalign. I Alkalign so I can do everything else in my life.


Grateful for online streaming

I am SOOOOOO grateful for online streaming because I have been able to maintain my functional health during this very weird time in the world. I really enjoy the opportunity to take from instructors I wouldn’t have the chance to take class from otherwise as well as my typical faves. It makes the Alkalign community that much more meaningful to me. With my Unlimited Virtual Membership, I’m now incorporating Recharge into my schedule. I do the recording in the evening before bed and it is so great. I look forward to being in the studio again, but for now, this feels really good to me.


Journey after injury

After a bike accident that injured my shoulder and subsequent abdominal trauma, Alkalign was a major part of my quick recovery. The physical therapist (for the shoulder) was sure I could have wrecked my rotator cuff if it hadn’t been for my flexibility and strength. He eventually cancelled all my follow up appointments because I was “so strong and flexible beforehand.” The surgeons who did my abdominal surgery discharged me within 12 hours because I was “in really great shape and would recover abdominal strength quickly.” I can’t help but think both events could have been much worse if I hadn’t been working on my strength and flexibility at Alkalign.


Recovery after breast cancer

In 2010, when I was 37 and my youngest was only 9 months old, I was diagnosed with HER2+ Breast Cancer. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy, multiple reconstruction surgeries and chemotherapy. I was extremely lucky and have been in remission since, but the road to recovery, both physically and emotionally, is very long and my body was an unrecognizable wreck. I had lost so much muscle that my metabolism slowed down and I started gaining weight. It hurt to walk and I could barely get up and off the couch without feeling pain in my lower back from my lack of strength. About two years later I started working out with a trainer and took some classes at the gym, and that did help. I lost the excess weight and started to gain my muscle back. I finally started to feel myself again after a few of years. I found dance classes and started to dance again. Then, in July 2017 I decided to check out Alkalign. I remember after the first class my abs felt “awake” for 2 days straight and I was hooked.

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