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I am Erin Paruszewski (Pear-Ahh-Zoo-Ski), Founder of Alkalign and a recovering calorie-counting, cardio-obsessed, sugar addict. I started teaching group fitness classes at Equinox back in the early 2000s as a way to earn a few extra bucks and score a free gym membership. Little did I know that side hustle would become my true passion and life’s work, but for none of the reasons you’d think. 


As an avid runner and cyclist, I worried that my days on the road were numbered due to wear and tear on my (aging) body. I was looking for a movement practice to help keep me as healthy and strong as possible, and alas, I found Alkalign. I credit Alkalign’s functional and mindful movement approach with my ability to run and ride pain-free today and hopefully for decades to come. I infuse my athletic approach and snarky sense of humor into every class so that you leave feeling strong and with a smile on your face. 

cathy purnell

I’m Cathy and I came to Alkalign over a decade ago as an injured runner. I literally hobbled into class with an IT band issue and quickly recognized the value of what, how and why of the Alkalign experience. The workout felt safe and good in my body and the support of the community felt even better. I remember how scary it was to try something new and am committed to helping each client feel comfortable in class and successful in life. 

Candace regan

Hi, I’m Candace and I’ve encountered many bumps along my path to Alkalign, including birth, death, depression and anxiety. I am so grateful I navigated my way back to teaching. Alkalign has been a source of strength, inspiration, community, and endorphins. I love connecting with clients and guiding them along their personal health and fitness journey. 

emmanuelle hertel

My journey to becoming an Alkalign instructor started from a place of low self-confidence and poor body image. From early childhood, the notion that I was “big-boned” was instilled in me by those closest to me, and reinforced by peers, “friends”, images I saw in the media, and, of course, myself. I struggled with an unhealthy relationship to food and fitness over the years and tried every workout, but never found one that stuck until Alkalign. 

Katherine quinlan

I’m Katherine, better known as KQ. I came to Alkalign many years ago because I was looking for a productive way to fill in the time between when my husband and I finished our respective day jobs. What I found was so much more. I have learned so much and continue to experience the ups and downs of life, including 10 cycles of fertility treatment, the birth of two daughters and the resurfacing of my anorexia.

Maggie Roney

I have been a long distance runner for most of my life and 8 years ago, I slipped and fell on black ice while visiting Montana for winter and my running came to a halt. I had a hematoma on my hip and developed trochanteric bursitis. Recovery was slow and the only things that seemed to help were physical therapy and time. I knew I wasn’t disciplined enough to continue physical therapy exercises on my own so I tried to find a place that would offer me something similar, but in a class setting – this was my first introduction to Alkalign.

marlene thompson, communications & design

Alkalign came into my life at a time when I thought my aches and pains were all part of the aging process because of the activities I engaged in. Thanks to Alkalign, I learned this was a complete myth and that age is just a number. The way we train our brains and nourish our bodies really matters and what I’ve learned at Alkalign flies in the face of everything I had ever been taught. 

moira wessell

I’m Moira and I live in Grand Rapids, MI and am a virtual instructor. I’m lucky to have found the community at Alkalign that works with me and celebrates my own journey, and I became an instructor to support others as well. If you’re coming back from an injury or need modifications that work for your body today, please let me know. Wherever you are on your journey, I’m here to help and to cheer you on. 

pauline goloubef

Hi! I’m Pauline and I am the first to admit that I used to be intimidated by the word “exercise”. Every time I searched for an “exercise” program that may be a good fit for me I was hesitant to walk in the front door. The voice in my head ran through a list of all the why’s I shouldn’t. Until Alkalign. My journey with Alkalign has inspired me in so many ways, including my work as a Cancer Exercise Training.