Alkalign Unplugged

Alkalign Studio founder Erin Paruszewski and Master Instructor Cathy Purnell combine forces to bring their passion for health and connecting with people to the podcast stage. Erin and Kathy are both somewhat unfiltered, and the podcast reflects that real, raw and human element that is at the core of Alkalign’s manifesto.


Alkalign Unplugged shares health and wellness topics that are relatable to everyone. Enjoy a variety of topics including nutrition, mental health, managing stress and of course all things healthy movement. Tune in every week for interviews and conversation on health and wellness!


2020 is the year to disrupt all the unhealthy and untrue myths that infiltrate our hearts and minds and prey on our deepest insecurities. Alkalign is here to show you how.  Click below to listen to “Operation Myth Busting with Cathy & Erin!”


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