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  • Q: What is Alkalign?

    A: Alkalign is training for life. Our functional fitness classes train your body and your brain to work together to prepare them for daily tasks. Whether you are squatting to pick up a heavy box or rotating to grab something from the back seat, our proprietary blend of exercises ensure that your entire body is strong, balanced and mobile so that you live well and without pain.

    Alkalign is more than a workout. In addition to high quality and effective group fitness classes, we offer a holistic approach to health and wellness. Nourish is a group health coaching program that embodies the whole body.

  • Q: What does the name Alkalign mean?

    A: We took the word “alkaline,” which represents water, stability, and balance and also refers to the ideal pH state of your body, and combined it with our passion for alignment to form Alkalign.

  • Q: What is Functional Fitness?

    A: According to the Mayo Clinic’s definition, Functional Fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.

  • Q: Do my classes expire?

    A: Class and Playroom packages expire 6 months after the purchase date with the exception of the 30-class package, which has a 12-month expiration. Unlimited memberships are time based and do have expirations, e.g., the New Client Special expires 30 days from the day you take your first class. However, until that first class is booked, expiration will default to 30 days from date of purchase. If you do not activate your membership in the first month and need an extension, email us!

  • Q: How do I book a class? Is there an app?

    A: Yes, there is an app available on the iTunes app store and Google Play. Download your way into easier booking!

  • Q: Is there childcare?

    A: Yes! We have a supervised Playroom for children from newborns to age 10. Please refer to the studio schedules for classes with Playroom available.

  • Q: I heard there is a family pass? Can I bring my husband to class?

    A: Core Plus Members can add a family member in their immediate household for an additional $100/month. The family membership ends if/when the primary Core Membership ends unless that family member wants to assume the primary Core Member rate.

  • Q: Can children take class?

    A: Youth age 14 and older can take class; however, a parent or guardian does need to sign the New Client Waiver on behalf of the minor. Children under age 14 must be assessed by an instructor before they may take class. Email you studio owner to set up an assessment.

  • Q: Can I take classes at all locations under the same package?

    A: For clients of Menlo Park and Los Altos, yes, all packages can be shared between the two locations. Additionally, Core Plus Members have reciprocal class privileges in all Alkalign studios.

  • Q: Are there classes about food?

    A: Yes. Alkalign’s health coaching program, Nourish, includes guidance on food, among other things

  • Q: Do I have to meet with a nutritionist before I take class?

    A: No. Alkalign Nourish is integral to our holistic approach to health and wellness. However, participation is not required to take class, and you do not need to take class to participate in Alkalign Nourish.

  • Q: I’ve never done barre classes because I love yoga. Are you offering a yoga class?

    A: Currently, Alkalign is not offering its own “yoga” class, but there are many elements of yoga incorporated into the classes. Alkalign is a functional fitness studio that delivers a proprietary blend of yoga, pilates, barre and physical therapy-based exercises in every class to help improve posture, enhance performance and reduce pain.

  • Q: Is Alkalign going to open more studios?

    A: Yes! Our first franchise opened in March 2016, and we are continuing to expand. Interested in owning a studio? Visit our “Open a studio” page to learn more!

  • Q: What are the plus/minus signs for?

    A: The +/- represents a charge. It’s the charge you get from taking care of your body with good nutrition and high-quality exercise.



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