Now Is the Time to Lean Into Your Alkalign Workouts

by | Jun 2, 2022

Summer is here and that means we are all spending more time outside doing the things we love. Whether you’re on the courts playing pickleball or tennis, or hitting the trails, beaches and paths for a run or bike ride or golfing, Alkalign is the foundation that can keep you strong and injury-free.

During summer months, it might seem like you don’t have time for one more thing. However, if you’re spending your morning hours on the pickleball court, you’ll need your Alkalign workouts!

Continuing to cross-train using Alkalign is beneficial for 3 important reasons:

1) Prevent Injuries. Alkalign’s unique strength-training methodology builds muscles that are strong enough to support your body while you run, bike and enjoy court sports without the huge risk of an injury. Alkalign is also the key to teaching you to embrace the art of listening to that little voice in your head that tells you when to slow down and when to accelerate. Listening to your body when it’s whispering – before it starts screaming – is an important lesson we teach during classes at Alkalign. This can help you avoid an injury before it happens.

2) Maintain and Even Increase Dynamic Mobility. When you make a habit out of stretching and strengthening your whole body like we do at Alkalign your body responds and adapts faster during other activities. Focusing on just one movement pattern, like running, decreases your mobility and can lead to injuries in your hips, knees and ankles. It’s important to have Alkalign classes for dynamic stretching as well as Recharge (self-massage) in your toolbox.

3) Recover Faster. If you are spending your mornings on the pickleball courts with your group, odds are good that you still have a full day of “life” ahead of you. Using Alkalign as your cross-training outlet will help stretch and strengthen parts of your body you use in other activities so that you can recover faster and get on with your day!

When the activities increase during the summer months, this is the prime time for you to lean into your Alkalign workouts. Whether you want an in-person studio experience, a livestream option, video on-demand or have a specific training need, we’ve got ya covered.

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