Testimonial: Feeling Strong & Accomplished

by | May 25, 2022

My name is Liz Rhodes and I came to Alkalign to strengthen my core and improve my stiff, bad back. When I first joined, I felt very intimidated. I always went to the back corner so that I could see what everyone else was doing. The interesting part is whenever I take a class or go to lecture I want to be in the front row, acting like I know what I am doing! I truly wanted to do each move perfectly. I love Alkalign because Erin, Lizzie and the Blue Crew educate you to develop core strength which, for me, turned into visible muscles!  My real estate company did a promotion and I think they needed a “senior” representative. They took photos of me in yoga poses, only then did I see what Alkalign did for my body not just my mental and physical health!  I kind of impressed myself and I had Alkalign to thank!

I truly love the education, meaning that when the Blue Crew tells you to do a move, they explain the benefits and the why. I love the education I am getting about my body! I also truly appreciate the Nourish program, the best investment I have ever made in learning about how to fuel my body. Thank you Erin!

Alkalign has truly changed how I care for my body and I love how I feel after completing a class; I feel strong, and so accomplished!

Thank you Blue Crew!





It Doesn't Have to Hurt to Work

A NEW, 2-week FREE program we are offering to any and all who want to get off the hamster wheel and try something that 1) works and 2) you will enjoy in the process. No more beating yourself up and spiraling the shame drain thinking you have to do more and be more. We embrace a philosophy that it doesn’t have to hurt to work. The extremes aren’t sustainable. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your body. Slow, steady and sane wins the race of life. And we are here to help you along the way.

Hi! I’m Erin and my passion in life is helping others feel better by helping them get out of their own head. So much of our relationship to food and fitness is a reflection of deeply rooted beliefs that were imprinted on us at a very early age. These beliefs drive all sorts of behaviors, many of which are not good for our physical or mental health. I know this first-hand. As a former calorie-counting cardio queen I played right into all the toxic messages about what it meant to be “healthy”. That all changed when I hit rock bottom. Since leaving my corporate career in 2009 I have been fully committed to shifting the narrative and helping people experience better physical health by unpacking unhealthy beliefs. My biggest inspiration are my two young daughters, who I hope to raise in a household that openly illuminates and addresses the misinformation instead of adopting it.

CONTACT ME: erin@alkalignstudios.com