Testimonial: Alkalign for a Stronger Golf Game

by | Mar 16, 2021

One of the many philosophies of Alkalign is that to be your best at anything, you need to train in a functional way. Our training programs are expanding and have been inspired by clients who have experienced ‘ah-ha’ moments in their daily lives: from carrying their little ones to enhanced performance in their hobbies.

Rick Thompson recently shared his experience on what Alkalign has done for his golf game. We are thrilled to be supporting golfers with our training program: 21 Days to a Better Golf Game. Join the course and find out what Alkalign can do for your performance on the links this year!


I’ve been golfing since I was a teenager, so the thought of needing any specific physical training for golf never crossed my mind. Mostly I never thought about it because I’d always been physically fit and I thought I’d be young forever. When my mid-40’s hit me, I was in for a rude awakening. I started noticing more creaks in my knees (probably due to running and 2 knee surgeries) and a bit more aching in my low back after 18+ rounds of golf. Since most golfers I know have those issues, I just accepted it as part of the game.

A few years ago my wife started taking Alkalign classes and then teaching in a local studio. I would go to class with her to special events or when she would want me to go, but it was so hard that I would often opt-out for a run or get on my bike. To me, that was an easier option! Alkalign exposed my weaknesses and I would feel soreness in my glutes and quads for days after a class.

After COVID shut down the local studio in March of 2020, I started jumping into my wife’s recorded Alkalign classes. She was still teaching on the Livestream and I was home quite a bit, so I thought why not! I’d still get my run in, but the strength classes from Alkalign were exactly what I needed (although I didn’t know it at the time).

When golf league started in May of 2020, I noticed my swing was a lot straighter and my low backache was gone! As a former triathlete and current golfer and runner, Alkalign has helped strengthen my knees and core, making me a better golfer, runner, cyclist and overall a stronger person. It has also taught me that the massage therapy balls and a Recharge class are a better option than Ibuprofen and the rolling pin.

Whenever I’m on the course and I hear someone complain about back pain and knees, I have one word for them….Alkalign.

– Rick T.



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