A fabulous workout and so much more

Alkalign Studios Menlo Park + Los Altos | Barre Fitness | Cardio Align

In 2010, I was introduced to barre class by a friend. To say this was “life changing” may seem dramatic but it is the honest truth! My friend, Eileen, had been taking classes for a few months and I noticed a difference in her body. She looked taller, leaner, more confident. I had to know the secret! I’d recently completed a marathon and was injured (that dreaded IT band!) and needed something to fulfill my exercise requirements and to develop some flexibility so I would be able to get back out there and RUN! So I signed up for a class. Looking back, I recall feeling totally clueless as the class got underway. Thank goodness I had my friend for moral support and an amazing instructor who seemed to sense my cluelessness and was quick with a smile and an encouraging word. I came for a workout but five years later, I have so much more.


Fitness has always been important to me. I feel better on the days that I work out. I sleep better,  I have more pep in my step. I get more done. My family will tell you, I am just nicer to be around when I get a workout! But the biggest draw for me is the need to be around others who have a similar relationship with exercise. I found this at Alkalign. I started as the front desk worker on Monday afternoons. I got to know the instructors. I took class more often. I fell deeper in love with the barre format as I noticed a difference in my posture, my strength and my flexibility. The studio became a second home for me. Why did I continue to come back to class? Why did I take the leap to train to become an instructor? Was it simply because I felt better and noticed a difference in how my clothes fit? That I truly saw results? All those things are true and SO much more. I came for a great workout and found a home. I have made so many wonderful friends, both instructors and clients. I am forever changed, forever grateful.


You may have noticed that the studio has gone through some changes! Thank you all for being patient throughout the process. What you probably notice is that the space has been reconfigured to provide room to gather and get to know each other. Grab a juice, salad or snack from the new fridge after class and hang out with a friend. Check out the current retail. Once you drag yourself away from the studio, visit our new website. ‘Like’ us on Facebook. Let us know if there are things you’d like to see us add that may foster an even greater sense of community. We are here for you. We want the studio to feel like your home—a place that is welcoming and friendly and that you want to come back to frequently!