Meet Digital Demo, Apryl!

by | Apr 19, 2024

Hi, I’m Apryl! I grew up in Rhode Island, went to college in Boston, and moved to California in 1993. I married my husband, Raymond in 1996 and have 3 ‘flown and grown’ children – Noah, Hannah and Sarah. 

I first came to Alkalign in 2016 and was teaching indoor cycling at the time. I quickly began seeing the benefits of functional fitness, and just a year later took Alkalign’s teacher training program. During that time I got both Hannah and Raymond hooked on Alkalign, and Hannah worked at the Los Altos front desk and child-care after school and in the summers. Even though I stopped teaching, Alkalign had become an important part of my life, and I’ve stayed a loyal client ever since. 

During Covid my family decided to move to Truckee and this was easy to do since Alkalign’s livestream platform was going strong. (Truth be told, part of my motivation to become a demo was to support the online effort in those early days!!) 

Another passion of mine is posture/alignment, and Erin and I worked together to develop Alkalign’s online ‘Practice Makes Posture’ program. Check it out…alignment rocks!!

My favorite Alkalign format used to be Align, then it was Elevate, and now it is Build, and my favorite exercise is banded leg extensions. My least favorite is bear crawls…but I suffer through them if needed!

While I love lots of music, I am a Deadhead at heart and in my free time I can be found going to as much Grateful Dead related live-music as possible. My pups Kona (white) and Alani (light brown) can be seen on camera keeping a lookout for wildlife while I workout. Tahoe is great for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and just generally being in nature. I hope you enjoy the forest view behind me when I demo!



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Hi! I’m Erin and my passion in life is helping others feel better by helping them get out of their own head. So much of our relationship to food and fitness is a reflection of deeply rooted beliefs that were imprinted on us at a very early age. These beliefs drive all sorts of behaviors, many of which are not good for our physical or mental health. I know this first-hand. As a former calorie-counting cardio queen I played right into all the toxic messages about what it meant to be “healthy”. That all changed when I hit rock bottom. Since leaving my corporate career in 2009 I have been fully committed to shifting the narrative and helping people experience better physical health by unpacking unhealthy beliefs. My biggest inspiration are my two young daughters, who I hope to raise in a household that openly illuminates and addresses the misinformation instead of adopting it.