Testimonial: “Proud to be Team #BlueCrew for Life!”

by | May 3, 2021

Got Alkalign? Jennifer does! She recently shared why it’s so important to her and we couldn’t be any more impressed with her dedication and growth mindset. Bravo Jennifer!

“My name is Jennifer, and I’m so grateful to be part of the Alkalign #BlueCrew community!

Fitness has been a staple in my life for as long as I can remember. From countless team sports growing up to my first gym memberships in high school and college (step aerobics in men’s boxer shorts followed by a billion reps on the seated hip adductor machine, anyone?) to spin classes to discovering the significance of weight training, I’ve long equated a good workout with positive, feel-good vibes.

It wasn’t until more recent years, however, that my insight into the importance of health and fitness came into laser-sharp focus. Now a busy wife/mom in her 40s with three young boys, I understand how vital the pieces of self-care, life balance, physical fitness, mental health and community connection are to the whole puzzle. While these are daily choices one makes, I now view them as lifelong, lifestyle commitments to myself and my family.

Upon leaving my very first Alkalign class, I knew I’d landed somewhere special. Classes are challenging—don’t get me wrong—but not in that drenched-in-sweat, painful way I’d become accustomed. In fact, I can almost hear my body thank me after each class. I feel balanced, strong, energized, and equally important, connected. It’s not just that I feel connected to others in the room, but to myself as well. It grants me the time and space to check in with myself. Stressful things are put in perspective, and gratitude comes more readily and freely. I feel a renewed flexibility, too—throughout my body but also with regard to my mental adaptability. On days that I incorporate Alkalign into my routine, I am fairly confident I can handle whatever comes my way. I appreciate how educational Alkalign classes are, too; instructors strive to keep us in proper alignment to prevent injuries while also educating us—it’s functional fitness with a side of kinesiology 101.

Perhaps my favorite part of all: Alkalign peeps love to laugh. That fun, spirited energy is contagious, and even on days I’m feeling introverted and quieter, I still benefit from the surrounding connection and joy.

Every class is different, every instructor brings their own unique energy, and every time I leave the studio I feel like a slightly improved version of the person I was walking in.

Now, amidst the backdrop of an ongoing global pandemic, I appreciate more than ever all that Alkalign represents and continues to bring to our community. Erin & the team have continually evolved their course offerings—including recorded, live, and outdoor, socially distant formats—throughout the pandemic, keeping us connected and strong. And what a gift that has been. I am proud to be Team #BlueCrew for life!”

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Hi! I’m Erin and my passion in life is helping others feel better by helping them get out of their own head. So much of our relationship to food and fitness is a reflection of deeply rooted beliefs that were imprinted on us at a very early age. These beliefs drive all sorts of behaviors, many of which are not good for our physical or mental health. I know this first-hand. As a former calorie-counting cardio queen I played right into all the toxic messages about what it meant to be “healthy”. That all changed when I hit rock bottom. Since leaving my corporate career in 2009 I have been fully committed to shifting the narrative and helping people experience better physical health by unpacking unhealthy beliefs. My biggest inspiration are my two young daughters, who I hope to raise in a household that openly illuminates and addresses the misinformation instead of adopting it.

CONTACT ME: erin@alkalignstudios.com