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Disruptive brand

Alkalign is changing the way way people think about fitness. We build you up instead of breaking you down. Our workout offers all of the reward of improving performance and reducing pain without the risk of wear and tear on your body.

Sustainable product

In an Industry full of flashy fads and false promises, Alkalign prioritizes safety and sustainability. This results in industry-leading client and staff retention.

Best-in-class instructor training

We combine online tools with 1:1 coaching from our Master Instructor team. We teach our team not just how to be better instructors, but to be better humans.


Alkalign classes are highly personalized and so is our franchisee support. Alkalign believes we are stronger together. Our franchisees are family, not "operators of units".

Low initial start-up cost

Sleek, stylish, and versatile space with minimal equipment cost and ongoing maintenance.

Community focused

Our franchisees make a fulfilling impact on the people around them and are, in turn, fulfilled by that human connection.


I love being part of a franchise that’s on the cutting edge of wellness. Alkalign, at the corporate level, is always working to evolve and be on top of fitness trends that are not only effective and popular but are meaningful when it comes to long-term health. Starting at the top, Alkalign believes in truly educating people about their bodies as a system of systems. Instructors go through a centralized training program to ensure that our messaging and delivery of classes and values is deeply rooted in science and offers our clients the most thoughtful, creative, and impactful practice on the market. As a fitness franchisee, I appreciate this emphasis on innovation and science. It truly sets us apart from other fitness brands. - Elise - Grand Rapids Studio Owner
As a lifelong athlete, I was never one for exercise classes. That all changed when I met Erin. Now Alkalign is a staple of my week - it protects my body from injury and shapes it in a way that decades of running and biking never did. And it's not just the workout that makes Alkalign unique, Erin goes above and beyond when it comes to building a healthy and happy community. - ALICIA S.
Alkalign is the best workout I've ever experienced in my 20 years of exercise. My husband says he knows when I've visited the studio because I'm smiling. I simply feel happy and connected to my body. I've tried other workout places in the area, but I always go back to Alkalign. It's my base, my rock, my go-to place to feel strong and satisfied inside and out. - VIJA T
One of the many reasons I come to classes at Alkalign- love the variety of the workouts and the introduction of new materials with which to work (ie: yoga blocks, straps vs. bands) which are constantly challenging my body to do different things and to get stronger. - BETTY W.
I came to Alkalign after the birth of my second child. At the time, I knew my core was very weak and I was having a lot of back pain. With continued practice and dedication to Alkalign classes, I could feel strength returning to my body. My back pain went away! - CARA B.

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