7 Reasons Alkalign’s Livestream is Better

by | Jul 20, 2022

Back in March of 2020 when the world suddenly shut down, Alkalign had one mission: To keep clients moving with and connected to each other, for both physical and mental health. There is power in community and we knew we were going to need this Blue Crew community more than ever to survive what became a stress and anxiety-filled two years. We pivoted from in-person to online quickly (<24 hours) and placed high value on the need for a high-quality experience that most closely replicated Alkalign’s high-touch and highly personalized in-studio experience. This was very intentional and the impact has been meaningful.

Fast forward 2+ years, our Livestream has continued to be an important part of our community. Many friends have been made over the US, some local clients have relocated to other areas and as travel has become popular again, it’s a great way to take workouts on the go.

It’s easy to think that all livestream fitness offerings are the same, but these 7 things is what truly sets Alkalign apart from the others: 

1 – A LIVE EXPERIENCE. Alkalign’s On-Demand library of workout videos existed long before COVID and to be honest, it was an afterthought. Our core offering until 2020 was always the in-person, brick and mortar boutique studio experience. That was the experience we wanted to replicate when investing in a digital platform during COVID. While we have continued to build and refresh our library of over 900 workout videos available on demand, we did not believe that this alone would replace what in-person classes offered. Yes, the exercises are technically the same, but the recorded videos lack a few things that are proven to be essential for keeping you motivated and to prevent burnout or boredom. The biggest of these is a LIVE experience. Alkalign offers 22 live livestream classes a week. That’s 22 opportunities to show up LIVE, just like you would for an in-studio class. At Alkalign, we also provide the recording of the live class which is super convenient when schedules do not align. We find people enjoy actually signing up for a specific class and the balanced programming that comes with taking classes sequentially throughout the week vs. sifting through a smorgasbord recorded classes and not knowing where to start in our On-Demand library.

2 – A TWO-WAY EXPERIENCE. We knew right from the start that we didn’t want a one-way platform (think Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo OTT and Peloton) where the client can see the instructor but the instructor couldn’t see the client. And when we mean “see you”, we mean actually see you…as in your entire body, not just a name or avatar on a screen. Thus began our journey into the world of two-way livestream classes. We tested several platforms and continue to evaluate new products that come to market. So far we have yet to find anything that works as functionally as our Zoom solution. Although designed as a conferencing software, the two-way nature of Zoom allows Alkalign instructors to see and interact with clients, providing an authentic two-way exchange that is so essential to people feeling seen and heard, especially during the occasional quarantines, relocations and travel.

3 – ACCOUNTABILITY. You are more likely to work hard and stay present when you know someone is watching. At Alkalign you are never just a number. We want you to feel seen. We want to give you feedback so you are aligned and present in your own body. We want to inspire you to stay so focused on your workout so that you gain momentary reprieve from the pile of laundry waiting to be folded or the dust bunny beckoning for you to dust bust. This is why we encourage participants to turn their cameras on. It’s not required and you are certainly welcome to space out as much as you want. But we are going to do whatever we can to help you help yourself.

4 – A DEDICATED VISUAL DEMO. We know that people learn differently. With their eyes (visual), with their ears (auditory) and by doing (somatic). Alkalign classes incorporate different learning styles to maximize your potential. The dedicated visual demo is part of this commitment to you. Each class is staffed by two people. One who you can see for visual reference and one (the instructor) who is 100% committed to seeing you, giving you feedback and helping you stay motivated, inspired and safe in your alignment and positioning. 

5 – PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK AND COACHING. You may have noticed that in most exercise classes, online or otherwise, the instructor is in the front of the room doing the whole class. At Alkalign, the instructor’s time with you is not also their workout. It’s yours. It’s your time to receive coaching from a dedicated and highly-trained set of eyes who will give you suggestions and encouragement on your form and alignment while acknowledging your efforts. This was an element of our in-person classes that was so important to replicate online. Hence the LIVE, two-way classes and the dedicated demo and the instructor who is dedicated to you. The LIVE nature of classes also allows you to hop online early or stay after class to ask questions just like you would in-person. Whether it’s connecting about a specific exercise, or just catching up about life in general, it feels good to connect with a real and very alive human.

6 – REAL, RAW AND HUMAN.  Alkalign livestream classes are designed to be accessible from anywhere. And the past 2 years, that place is mostly at home. Thus, that’s where our livestream classes take place. Unlike the highly produced studios that other brands utilize, we invite you into our homes. You’ve seen our living rooms turned demo spaces. You’ve met our kids and pets, and we’ve met yours. This is Alkalign. Real, raw, human. And now canine and feline. 😉 What Alkalign lacks in the high production value experience of Peloton, it makes up for in authenticity and true, personalized connection. 

7 – IT’S NOT FANCY, IT’S FUNCTIONAL. Like the Alkalign class itself, our livestream offering is rooted in function, not aesthetics. Yes, a huge investment in state of the art systems, technology, fancy lighting, hair, makeup and a whole production team would make for a different user experience. But is it the user experience you want? Do you want to feel like your workout is produced, filtered and photoshopped like everything else in your news feed? Or do you want a more authentic experience with real people? We have never been the type of studio where one needs to wear makeup and dress up in their latest lululemon to feel included and at home. We don’t care what you wear (although some type of clothes would be appreciated or please turn off your camera 😉 ). We just want you to show up and invest in your self-care. That alone is a challenge enough. Adding the pressure of looking and being a certain way is an unnecessary barrier to what truly matters. You. Show up and we will provide you with both a challenging, balanced and effective workout, and infuse a little fun along the way. 

We have come a long way in two years and although many are returning to in-person exercise, we hope that Alkalign’s unique approach to livestream will differentiate our offering from the rest and inspire you to continue Alkaligning from any and everywhere!

– Erin


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