Testimonial: Ana & Manraj S. — Our Happy Place

My husband, Manraj, and I could never find an exercise routine that we could do together. Manraj was a badminton player whereas I was a swimmer. We did a few things together, like hiking, once in a while, but we could not do these as regularly as we would like. We tried going to the gym together but soon lost the motivation.


After I joined Alkalign, I knew this was something different. Every instructor is very knowledgeable, and each of them has different strengths. Every class is unique. Overall, it feels very personal and not commercial. I eventually convinced Manraj to join me for one class. Since then, it has become “our thing.”  Manraj was hesitant initially, but all the instructors constantly made sure his posture and technique were correct. We began to encourage each other during and after class. In no time, we both felt stronger and active.


Every time we go to class after work, it is not a drag or chore. Rather, it is something we look forward to after a long day as a boost. I am proud of myself after each class, especially knowing that I am now able to do some of the exercises that I never thought I could do!


We are moving to San Diego soon, and the only thing we are sad about leaving in Irvine is our Alkalign. We hope one day we will join Alkalign in San Diego!