Testimonial: Melissa S.—Alkalign for Equestrians

On a whim, on my birthday, I tried a free intro class at Alkalign and was taken with the joy and energy of the instructors. It was the middle of winter in Michigan, and I needed a new project. Immediately, I found the classes fun, varied, and well-paced. I started regularly taking classes. I love how the instructors share their knowledge and give individualized tips for improvement. My strength has been building week after week, but most importantly, I have been thrilled with how my improved sense of body awareness and alignment has transformed my communication with my horse and improved my riding.


In my first few classes at Alkalign, I could see that I was uneven in my strength and flexibility. I was amazed how this unevenness mirrored my horses’ weaknesses. I tried all of the classes, and each one—Align, Cardio, and Recharge—has helped me in a different way to build strength, find balance, and release tension in various muscles. The supportive and encouraging environment keeps me motivated to continue cross-training.


Although I still have a long way to go to meet my equestrian goals, with my increased flexibility and core strength, I can now ride in a more balanced, even position, which helps to support my horse as we learn more challenging movements in our sport of dressage.