Testimonial: Monica Knoblaugh Self-Healing + Autoimmune

My Journey of Self-Healing + Health Awareness


You might know me from how I spend my Saturday mornings: sitting behind the Alkalign front desk in Menlo Park. But you probably wouldn’t recognize the person I was when I came to Alkalign as a new client about two years ago. I had been a gym member, sweating my heart out on the treadmill, and I had deprived myself on every fad diet. Nothing worked. This time, I was determined to lose weight and finally feel better about myself. Within a month, I was hooked. I was seeing results, feeling more energy and thriving on the positive vibes and encouragement I got from instructors.


After a few months of taking class three to five times per week, I decided to put even more focus on my health. I was feeling better, but something still wasn’t right. On my 28th birthday, I made a wish, a promise to myself, to get control of my health. My insurance had lapsed, and I hadn’t been to the doctor in years. So I enrolled in a health plan and started on a  six-month journey of specialists and tests. The end result? I have an autoimmune disease. My doctor consoled me and painted a bleak picture of my future. Rather than accept this fate, I turned to Alkalign and its holistic approach to health.


I began taking two classes per day and using the time to focus inward. I did what felt right in the moment for each muscle of my body. Inspired by the Nourish program, I looked at how I feed my body as well as my soul. I learned to appreciate myself, and with that, better choices and healthy switches started to become second nature. After class, I reached for a protein-packed salad for lunch, rather than a low calorie “diet bar” laden with unnatural ingredients that I can’t pronounce.


This year, I celebrated my 29th birthday—42 pounds slimmer and six dress sizes smaller (from size 10 to 0) than the year before. But what I wish I could show is the new lease on life and stamina I have found. This past summer, I wore a bikini for the first time in a decade. Closing in on the Big 3-0, I feel healthier now than I did in high school. I know I have a long road ahead, and I am handling the side effects of my disease with an optimistic and open-minded attitude. I am working to adapt to a gluten-free pseudo-vegan lifestyle (which is no easy task when you have an affinity for fresh donuts!).


I am grateful for my Alkalign family—a group of loving, kind hearted and genuine beings that I can honestly say have helped to rescue me. I am learning that life is a journey, and I now look forward to each moment. I am not defined by my disease. I am defined by the attitude and actions I choose. And I choose to embrace positivity and change so that I can live present and be forward.