Say Goodbye to Monday Blues


Erin Alkalign Studios Founder | Fitness Barre Studio FranchiseDo you live for the weekends and dread Mondays? Do you start getting bummed on Sunday evening thinking about Monday? It may be time to consider a career or lifestyle change.


I spent several of my nine years in corporate America feeling sad on Sundays. For awhile I thought it was just the foggy weather in San Francisco bringing me down. I worked hard. I gave my company my all. I had some great opportunities over the years. But no matter how many times I received a promotion or a raise, at the end of the day, I was just a cog in the corporate wheel. I wanted more. I wanted to get out of my career as much as I put into it. If I was going to spend more than half of my waking hours working, I wanted to do something that I was passionate about.


For me, health and wellness combined with business was the perfect combination. In January 2009, I resigned from my product development job at a Fortune 500 healthcare company and opened my first barre fitness studio in March 2009. I haven’t had a case of the Sunday or Monday blues since. Honestly. I love what I do. How could I not? I get to be the best part of clients’ days. I have an opportunity to truly impact the communities we serve for the better. Sure, there are tough days. There are stressful moments. But it’s surmounting the obstacles that make it all worthwhile. Even on the most challenging days I have never once regretted the leap I took eight years ago or wished I was anywhere other than where I am right now.


Not sure if your current career is forever? Do some soul searching and really evaluate what makes you happy.


+ What lights you up?


+ If you could do anything as a career, what would it be?


+ What are your strengths?


+ What is stopping you from making a change?


They say if you do something you truly love, it doesn’t feel like work. It is true. Find something you love. Life is too short…


Erin Paruszewski is a balance evangelist. As the Founder and CEO of Alkalign Studios she is passionate about alignment and functional movement. Alkalign is more than a challenging and effective workout, it’s training for life. Learn more  about Alkalign and how to live your dream and open an alignment based holistic barre studio in your community.