Prevent Pokemon Go Injuries

Prevent Text Neck + Pokemon Go Injuries at Alkalign Studios


Spending your days walking around catching Pokemon? While you are logging steps on your pedometer, you may be doing serious damage to your neck. An adult head weighs somewhere between 10-11 lbs. For each degree your head is out of alignment as you look down at your phone, it adds an additional 10 lbs of load to your cervical spine. And when your neck is out of alignment, your shoulders round forward, then your low back rounds and before you know it, you have all sorts of injuries due to poor posture and alignment.


A few things we do at Alkalign to promote great posture:

+  Align the spine, including neutral cervical spine. Chin parallel to the floor, ears back in line with the shoulders.

+  Strengthen the upper back, including the rhomboids which help to hold up your heavy head.

+  Open the chest by externally rotating the upper arm and shoulders, preventing the forward slumping posture.  


Save yourself some serious issues later on and hold the phone up in front of you! Plus you may even prevent the embarrassment of running into that flagpole, tree or Pikachu.


Erin Paruszewski is a balance evangelist. As the Founder and CEO of Alkalign Studios she is passionate about alignment and functional movement. Alkalign is more than a challenging and effective workout, it’s training for life. Learn more  about Alkalign and how to open a alignment based holistic barre studio in your community.